The Best Way To Learn English



Thousands of students from differents contries are coming every year to our language schools in MALTA.




With 164 years of British colony, MALTA is an English territory so one of the best destination to learn this language.


MALTA is also a touristic island. She offers a perfect climate with 10 months of sunny weather, an amazing colour of the sea and


a very rich hystory.It will be for our students a good opportunity to learn a new language and to enjoy their stay :


-Cours in the mornings;


-Sightseeing activities in the afternoons;


-Parties, cocktails, the evenings.



For more informations, do not hesitate to contact us , we will help you to find the best offer that corresponds to your needs, at the best prices





Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Sicily and North Africa. It consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

With an area of just 316sq km, it's considered as one of the smallest islands in the world. It is also one of the densest, with over 417,000 residents. The capital city is Valletta and the officiels languages are Maltese and English.

Malta gaining Independence from Britian in 1964, becoming a Republic in 1974 and joining the European Union in 2004.




The origin of the Maltese history goes back to 7000 years ago, which makes the island as one big open-air museum.